so far this has been my favorite project for 2017. a short animated studio xmas card staring a cast of workers at Hadron Films.

In the end we built a custom in-house animation system built in maya around ephemeral techniques with only bone deformation using no interpoltation animation. with the purpose of being able to prep rigs for things quickly for animating to VR and AR realtime animation. I got to design the majority of the workflow with a coder in-house. I did no code, just directed the design processflow and some of operation methods for the Hadron Ephemeral System (HES) maya toolkit.

I ended up doing the lion's share of the work for art design/ tool design/ rigging / modeling /shading /lighting /rendering on the project.

Altogether it was around a month for the design of the short/toolkit/model/rig
and 3 days to animate/ build environment/ shade/ light/ render. the original song can be found here
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